Rooting of cuttings of Tibouchina moricandiana. var. vinacea in function of the form of application and concentrations of IBA


  • Mariane de Oliveira Pereira Pos-graduação em Engenharia Florestal UFPR
  • Jeniffer Grabias UFPR
  • Katia Christina Zuffelatto-Ribas UFPR
  • Marcio Carlos Navroski UDESC



“Quaresmeira”, Vegetative propagation, Cutting, Auxin.


Tibouchina moricandiana Baill. var. vinacea Handro is a woody shrub, native to Brazil with ornamental potential. The objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of cutting the vegetative propagation of the species according to the application form and different concentrations of indole butyric acid (IBA). Softwood cuttings were treated with 0, 1,000 and 2,000 mg kg-1/mg L-1 of IBA in powder and solution form. After 56 days the treatments were evaluated for rooting, cuttings with callus, survival, mortality, leaf retention, new shoots, number of roots per cutting and root length. The rooting of stem cuttings of T. moricandiana was negatively influenced by the concentrations of IBA or by way of application. The species has a high strike rate (90.8%), demonstrating a species with potential for vegetative propagation through cuttings. The form of application and concentration of IBA influenced other variables. The use of 2,000 mg kg-1 IBA applied by talc demonstrated a decrease in the number of roots and provided the greatest number of and unrooted live cuttings. The length of the three longest roots per cutting was higher with the use of 1,000 mg L-1 or mg kg-1 of IBA. The use of IBA for the rooting of cuttings can be dispensed with, but can be used at a concentration of 1,000 mg-1 or mg kg-1 to increase the length and number of roots.


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Author Biographies

Mariane de Oliveira Pereira, Pos-graduação em Engenharia Florestal UFPR

Engª Florestal, Doutoranda do Programa de Pos-graduação em Engenharia Florestal UFPR

Jeniffer Grabias, UFPR

Bióloga, Mestre em Engenharia Florestal pela UFPR.

Katia Christina Zuffelatto-Ribas, UFPR

Doutorado em Ciências Biológicas. Professora Associada IV do Departamento de Botânica da Universidade Federal do Paraná

Marcio Carlos Navroski, UDESC

Engº Florestal, DR. Professora na Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina.



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PEREIRA, Mariane de Oliveira; GRABIAS, Jeniffer; ZUFFELATTO-RIBAS, Katia Christina; NAVROSKI, Marcio Carlos. Rooting of cuttings of Tibouchina moricandiana. var. vinacea in function of the form of application and concentrations of IBA. Revista de Ciências Agroveterinárias, Lages, v. 14, n. 3, p. 210–216, 2015. DOI: 10.5965/223811711432015210. Disponível em: Acesso em: 13 jun. 2024.



Research Article - Science of Plants and Derived Products

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