Capability based-approach

Re-Invent people and materials viable relationships


  • Regina Aparecida Sanches
  • Maria Antonietta Sbordone
  • Alessandra De Luca
  • Carmela Ilenia Amato



Sustainability as an approach to the contemporary textile

and fashion design; not only linked to the environmental

vision but concerning the economy, respect for people's

work and production. “A new dominant social paradigm

(DSP) would focus on creating apparel products that are

more efficient in material use, production and consumer

utility, as well as better meeting the human needs of the

consumer base, inherently more social than material needs.

Similarly, clothing education in the dominant new social

paradigm would promote the development of skills that

would most likely include understanding human needs and

ecosystem limitations, working collaboratively with the

market rather than trying to dominate it and an

understanding of local culture and tradition " (LeHew, 2011).