Talks on a sustainable fashion and textile system

a qualitative analysis on stakeholders




One of the many ways to describe the Italian fashion system,

is the one that defines it as the action and interaction of

people in the process of making: on their artifacts, knowledge,

expertise relies the essence and the engine of the fashion

industry. In the contemporary time, driven by the shift

towards sustainability, designers are working together with

farmers, raw material processers, artisans, garment makers,

manufacturers, retailers, and the more they are involved in

and familiar with them, the more they can intervene to bring

change and innovation towards a better and sustainable

future. Suppliers are the places where sustainability happens,

and moreover, with their decades-long efforts, precious

resources to learn from.

The article reports a qualitative investigation on the Italian

fashion supply chain, with the aim to detect the hot spots

where human interaction among manufacturers and designers

is fostering sustainable practices, processes, products.


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