Representation of the Past and Public History: Women’s History on the Internet

Gabriela Correa da Silva


This article aims to approach the relations between
the internet, representation of the past, and public
history. To do this, it resorts to analyzing the
website and the Facebook page “As Mina na
História” [“Chicks in History”], created in June 2015.
In this examination, it explores issues such as the
type of representation of the past provided in this
virtual space, the profile of its audience, and the
language used. In order to move forward in these
issues, brief comments are made about the teaching
of women’s history in Brazil. Finally, we seek,
through this approach, to propose some reflections
about the public history that has been practiced in
the country, beyond the issue of enlargement of the
audience ‘consuming’ history.
Keywords: Representation; Public History; Internet;

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