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Whether you’re an expert, or just have got a humble start into DIY projects, you probably understand the importance of investing in a good quality tool. Not only that they can save you moments of frustration, but the right appliances can also increase your productivity tremendously. 

However, with many brands competing against each other to release the best products, this could mean difficulty for users in picking the right one. Not only that, buying a piece of equipment without fully understanding its use could result in you purchasing the wrong tool for your job. understands the importance of purchasing the right heavy tools like nobody else. That’s why our website is fully dedicated to bringing you the most useful details about power tools, as well as information about specific brands.


When browsing our site, you will find hundreds of analysis of different types of heavy tools, such as impact drivers, drills, or reciprocating saws. We also have top lists that rank heavy types of equipment from different brands with detailed comparisons, and pros and cons to help contribute to the right buying decision. Aside from that, you can improve your general knowledge about power tools by reading our online guides. This type of information is beneficial for those who want to learn more about the hobby.  All of our posted articles are well-researched and written by a group of experts who are as passionate about heavy tools and woodworking as you. Come to geariz and start exploring!

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